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Spent the day on Salem Lake on Friday. Beautiful day. Awesome weather. Water was smooth like glass. The fishing was disappointing though. Would liked to have gotten out there earlier but it was a nice day on the water nonetheless.

We started out past the foot bridge near the I-40 crossing working the banks pretty hard for some bream to use for bait. took a couple of hours to get enough of them to fish with. Threw everything at them from worms to rooster tails and finally caught a few with my good 'ol bacon fat freelined on a #10 hook with no weights or floats or anything. Maybe would have done better with my fly rod.

Off to find the bigger fish we idled around till the fish finder gave us the nod and threw livers, shrimp, dough balls, worms, cut bream and live swimmers out there and caught nothing. We threw artificials as well. Talked to the guys at the fishing office and they said it had been off for the last two weeks or so but not sure why.

Sounds like we'd been better off at Belews. Oh well, still was a nice day!
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