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Will be in Salvo the last 2 weeks of July and will be bringing the Kayak (Manta 12). Anyone going to be around, wouldn't mind hooking up with someone else to do a little fishing. I will be fishing soundside, as I have never lauched in the surf (I fish lakes and the passaic occasionally here in NJ). With a partner though I would really like to get out on the Ocean side. I'm probably looking at almost all early morning trips before the kids get beach crazy or whatever.

I'd be up for splitting the cost of a guide too, If someone's looking to do that.

I've read all the posts here and on KFS/OBX militia so I have a good idea of target species/gear/tackle, so I wont ask those questions.

I've looked for launch spots and found a few promising ones (pics attached, it may be hard to tell exactly where they are because of zoom, but the are from google maps and run from just north of Avon to the Oregon Inlet. Anyone have any comment on these spots (i.e can't launch there, don't bother etc etc).



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