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Category: Freshwater Tournaments

Location: Lake Jordan,

Sponsoring Organization or Charity: Sandhills Bass Anglers

Contact Name/Phone: Derrick Childress 910-603-6223

Website link for more information:

The Sandhills Bass Anglers make their first trip to Jordan on May 2. The last time we fished this lake was the Sandhills Bass Classic in October and a totally different pattern was uncovered for day 2 that proved to be the ticket.

If you would like to fish with the club, please check our our website. We have a lot of info at We are a different type of club than anything else out there. We're not about fishing for paychecks, rather we share and openly discuss our fishing techniques. We're the working man's club and we give the big tournament feel to the guy who can only get out a few times a month to fish.
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