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So we headed out to Wrightsville Beach to the ICW on Saturday and hit the water early to chase some trout and drum, but the worst thing happened to us. We went to throw the trolling motor down and tried the remote and it wouldn't work. So we headed back 7 miles to ramp to get my spare remote and it didn't make a difference, so we headed out to the inlet. Started to troll around and sense ive never really done it before i didn't have any luck, i had clarks on 30ft of line behind planners but believe i was to deep because i picked up a couple lizard fish. So i gave it up and headed out to the near reef to try our hand at some black sea bass or what ever we could get our hooks on. Well it ended up with a fun day and a lot of lost jigging spoons, but the smile on my boys face made it all worth it. So we ended up with 17.5" flounder, about 50 lizard fish, 2 lesser jacks and boated around 18 sharks any where from 36-50", and Owen caught the first shark he was so happy.
So here is a few pics from Saturday Water Fluid Underwater Lake Marine biology
Smile Sky Flatfish Boat Fish
Water Shark Lamniformes Lamnidae Requiem shark
Water Fluid Fin Lake Marine biology
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