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Saturday trout report

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Fished a creek mouth east of Washington. Started at 615'ish, the first hour was hot for topwater. I hung 5, landed 3, and lost a really nice one at the net due to operator error. I didn't measure the fish since I can't keep 'em, but nice sized , probably 17". The one I lost was the biggest (of course). I caught/hung all the topwater fish on a top pup.

After the first hour things slowed a bunch. Caught maybe five more on new penny jerk shad and gulp shrimp. Those were a smaller class of fish with a couple of spikes and a few smaller keeper sized.

It was a Nice morning. The fish were definitely there at the creek mouth around some old structure. I should've gotten up 30 minutes earlier, the early bite was by far the best.

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Same thing on the other side of the river. Hot early morning top water bite then it fizzled out as the sun rose, couldn't find a steady bite after 8:30.
What top water baits were good for you? I'd be right back in the same spot tomorrow morning at 530 if I were able

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Skitter walks mostly, I couldn't make it out today did you have any luck?
Sounds good, but if I'm not launching in the dark, I'm late!
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I learned that Saturday. This is my first spring fishing topwater for trout. I'll get up an hour earlier next time
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