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Hey Guys,
I ran this by Randy yesterday and he said some of you may be interested in helping. We've got a ploblem here at the coast that may effect all of us at one time or the other. The Corp of Engineers was not allocated money for dredging Carolina Beach, Lockwood Folly, New Topsail, Bouge, or New River inlets this year. The Coast Guard has stated that they will remove the bouys from each inlet as it shoals up to unsafe depths. They have already removed the bouys from Lockwood Folly inlet. There is a website that is trying to address this problem with our politicians in Raleigh and Washington, DC. It is The administrator, Capt. Dave out of Carolina Beach has set up an email system on the website that will automatically email our representatives for you if you just put in your contact info. Check it out and see if you would like to get involved. Check out the "screensaver" on the 1st page of the site. It's got some great photos of the area that may help you survive the cabin fever that has set in until Spring.
Fish On!!!
John D.
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