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Saying helow

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George Beckwith from Down East Guide Service. I'm adding this site to my favorites and hope to check in from time to time, answer questions, post pics, etc. If you have any questions or comments, I'll try to answer.

Merry Christmas,

George Beckwith
Downeast Guide Service/ Fishing Charters/ NC, Costa Rica, Argentina
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Welcome George (aka Downeast Guide)

George, Glad to see you here! You have been a NC Angler Sponsor of the site since January and I do appreciate the support of and look forward to your post and pictures. Thanks for joining us! :cool:
Hmmm, Must be approaching striper V
Hmmmm, not sure about your tone of voice??

I doubt that I'll be heading after them in the ocean this year, especially after last year's poor showing. If they get around Cape Lookout, you'll probably see me out there, but I've become fond of the warmer climates of more southern latitudes. Heading to Costa Rica on Jan. 6.

Here are a couple of pics from fish that my cousin and I caught with a guide friend on the Bay a few weeks ago.

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] [/FONT]​
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Wow those are some nice Stripers George. Great photos too! Do you use lure, live bait or something else Striper fishing for those guys?
We were up there the week after Thanksgiving, perfect weather, but things were surprisenly slow. All were caught on live eels, 2 feet of 50 floro, 7/0 2004 EL Eagle Claw circle hook OR were caught drifting live eels on circle hooks on Lattimore Shoals.

Although we didn't catch many, all were over 30 pounds. I'm not sure that they'll make it down to the Crystal Coast before I head to Costa Rica....althought it's pretty darn cold right now.

In a shameless attempt at self-promotion....regarding Costa Rica and warmer climates, we have openings for 1-2 people on several group trips to the Pacific Coast (giant sailfish). Jan., Feb., March

Questions? [email protected]
Thanks for the detailed info George. BTW you purchased the right to do "shameless self-promotion" when you paid to become a NC Angler Sponsor. ;) I created a forum in the Fishing Reports Category for NC Angler Sponsor Charters and Guides to post their Charter Open Dates, so feel free to post openings in your charter schedule there. :cool:
George, I apologize if that sounded a little disrespectful. It just seems that the only break you have other than foul weather is around the beginning of the year. Between this site and another nameless Carolina site I try (Sometimes a little too hard) to keep tabs on whats going on up and down the coast. I know what kinda of hours you have to put in to maintain the boat and business and take people fishing day after day. Not a better job in the world unless you need a little free time. As far as the ocean side striper game goes between the unpredictability of the weather and the fish I'd just as soon sit at the house where it is safe and warm as to bounce around chasing ghosts. I don't blame you one bit for going to Costa Rica where the weather is warm and the fish are a little more game. I'd rather be there now in fact. I've been dreaming about retiring there for years. Sails and roosters in the back yard with the big boys just beyond. AL
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