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Hit the flats Sunday morning with my good friend Rob aboard. Water temps had dropped down into the low 50's, the weather man screwed up his wind forecast, again, but we were determined to find some fish.

Fished a couple of our usual spots first, but the wind was too much, so we went looking for a little break from the wind. Found a spot that was a little sheltered and Rob managed to catch a nice 8lb redfish. We keep working the creek and I was reluctant to say anything, but the wind seemed to be dying, just a little. We moved on to a flat that was blocked from the wind and soon it was on!!! Redfish everywhere. Huge schools. We drove the trolling motor down in the sand to hold our position and commeneced to have a ball. There is nothing like sightcasting to schooling reds in 12-inches of water and these were all 6-10lb fish. We managed to catch 10 before the school spooked for good and the wind switched and picked back up.

Hit a few more spots and ended up with 16 reds for the day, biggest right at 9lbs. All fish were caught using bucktail skimmer jigs tipped with Fish-bites or Berkly Gulp.

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