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Hit the water Saturday morning to perfect conditions with the exception that the tide was two hours in to the fall. The moon is nearing the new moon stage and I knew that this would cause the water to fall out extremely fast leaving little fishing time in my little honey hole.

The water was slick calm with just a hint of a morning breeze and I was greeted by schooling Redfish. The fish were easy to spot waking along in the glassy water, the trick was just getting close to them without spooking them. In just over an hour I hooked and landed four Reds with three being 6-7lb, upper slot fish. At one point I had a school of approximately 25-50, five to seven pound fish swim with 5 feet of the boat. If that won't get you blood pumping, you must already be dead.

Once again, a 1/4 ounce bucktail jig tipped with a curly tail Berkley Gulp was irresistable to these fish. The fish were very aggressive and if you got you bait in front of the school, they immediately inhaled it.
Good dates are still available and the fishing should only get better with the approaching spring weather. Give me a call and book you trip today.

Tight lines!!

Capt. Brent

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