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Please edit title to say barbless. Thanks

I got a beauty this PM. I put I am on my fairly new MIC stringer. The kind with the clips and metal that rusts when exposed to a vacuum. It hung on for about an hour. Then I noticed the kayak felt like it was back in alignment. I knew at once the fish was gone. Oh well, my fault. Back to the one I have to thread all the way through. I'm sure the fish was fine because it was very alive and was never out of the water.

I had another large one on for a bit. It was fighting like a good size unit until it didn't. Line went limp and the oysters are to blame for acting it. As soon as it happened my emotional crutch, aka the go go green spook top water drum matchine floated up. If it had barbs it would have been gone and I'd have been tempted to drown myself in the 8" water. Luckily I got it back. Most importantly the fish isn't sporting any new "bling".

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