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Well we have had spots on and off for the past 2 weeks now.....when they are here ....they are here 2 at a time....when they are not....there is enough coming up to keep most everyone interested till the next bite....starting to see more and more Va. Mullet and still picking up pompanos.....bloodworms are still the overall bait of choice....and the artificial bloodworms.... "fish bites" ...are coming in a strong second....

On the end we had a few kings this past week the largest one topping out at 29 lbs....the water has been real muddy so not really seeing much out there....blues have been off bottom rigs with cut bait or bait has been tough...and not enough spanish to even mention...

Still waiting on the black drum for all those who keep calling and asking....havent heard of any yet....not many flounder lately either....but note that more and more grey trout are showing up.....

"Pier Witch"
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