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First of all can you say WIND! I believe this has been the worst April ever, it has blown non stop every weekend it seems like, but enough of the whining. Fishing has been pretty decent for us this weekend we fished the Calcutta Wahoo Challenge on Saturday & caught some nice Tuna & a Wehoo. I left the Tuna chewing Saturday to look for the elusive Wahoo but it just didnt work out for us. We had a very good crowd considering the weather Saturday it was not a bad ride out until we hit the 70 degree water & then it became a little Sporty but we handled it ok. The Tunas would have cooperated very well Saturday if I would have stayed on them. They have been some of the nicest fish this year that I have ever seen most all are between 40 - 60 pounds a piece. Sunday we had a group of regulars onboard we left around 5 am & had a slick calm ride out & boy was it nice of course these guys wanted meat so I went right back to the same spot as where I marked them the day before & it was a pretty steady pick at them until about 10:30 when it became pretty crowded with other boats & they tapered off a bit until the wind switched directions & started blowing SW & the Tunas started jumping all around but it was still very crowded. We did manage a few more & got struck by the Gaffers once & got 3 out of 5 on them. There was a couple of Billfish caught & seen by the others that were out but we did not have a shot all day. Maybe they will cooperate for us the rest of the week & weekend it looks as if we may get to fish the rest of the week before the next wind gets here. Btw it was nice seeing everyone at the wahoo tourny this weekend.
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