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Second To None Report

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Well the wind has finally given us a small (very small) break for the last couple days & we made it to the bluewater for some offshore action. We fished Saturday with pretty good results with a mixed bag of Wahoos, Yellowfin, King Macks & Amberjacks. We had 5 Hoos with several more cut offs most of the bites were between 38 & 45 Fathoms around the Rock. I knew it was going to be a good day real quick we had been trolling about 10 minutes when we had a planer bite & a short rigger bite & a long rigger bite at the same time we managed to get 2 of the 3 fish then the rain set in & the squall started to turn from grenn to red on the radar so I said it was time to turn the other way. I believe we could have smoked them if we would have stayed there but we moved on to the North towards the Rock which was ok because we had steady action there until we left. Sunday we steamed straight to the Rock to pick up were we left of Saturday & you guessed it they were not there. We did catch a few fish & pulled a few off but thats fishing. I had the Tunas airing out everywhere around me Sunday but they just wouldnt bite. I would for sure say things are heating up & it is going to be a good spring. We did have a brutal ride in Sunday with winds blowing 25 in a quarting sea it was a white out in the bridge with all the water beating the curtains & blowing over the bridge. Witches with Ballyhoo was the ticket with most bites on Blue & White around the 550 line. But the Planer caught its fair share also.
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