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Secret Revealed!!??

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I promised sinkerman over a year ago that I would give him details on making one of my most productive homemade el cheapo flies. I have finally got around to it and I've decided to share instructions for construction with everyone, so for you fellow tiers, I have posted it in the Flyties section. There's a lot of steps involved, but overall it's simple and takes a little practice. I use these lures rigged as a "biggun chasin littleun" (tied above a jighead and soft bait) catches on the small lure always out do the lower bigger bait and are more effective than using either alone. Rather than restricting for use on my fly rod, I use mostly on an ultra light spinner more than I use on my fly rod. I feel that I no longer have to prove that I can catch myself in the back of the head with a fly while thrashing a fly rod in a 15 mph wind.

Since I have no other name for it, I'm calling it "fojo's aroundtuit" and I'm busy tying one on.:) ;)
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Nice looking fly.
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