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Hey guys I have up for sell a set of Yamamoto cranks. There are 6 in all. 3 of them are sexy shad and the other 3 are
Chartreuse Blue Back. I have each color in the 3 different sizes that they make them in. So you will be getting a 100 200 and 300 in sexy shad and a 100 200 and 300 in Chartreuse Blue Back. Most of these have never seen the water, I have a problem with buying sets of crankbaits when I dont use half of the ones I already have haha. I am asking that payment be made with paypal, and I will ship them out the day after receiving payment. I can take some pictures if anyone would like them.

[FONT=times new roman, times, serif]Price is $30+$5 shipping and paypal fees
Depending on location I can also meet you with them
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