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Shackleford Banks Area

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My daughter and I did a last minute trip Saturday to Morehead. Put in at Morehead WL ramp. We bottom fished around in the area and finally, SHE was on the fish. She caught a 3.5' shark. She handed the rod off to me for the fight. She got her picture one time it was close to the boat. After several runs, I instructed her the cut line next time I had it close to the boat, and she did. She caught 2 sharks to my goose egg. It was a good time with my girl.

After the wind and the waves beat us, I was ready to head home. Well, not without a stop at Neuse Sport Shop and Cabelas. OH, .... AND ICE CREAM! She is not too old for that and I am not either. ;)

It was a good day. Even she called it bonding time. It's all good!

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Abundant like a successful trip!
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