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Shakespeare Yard Sale

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I just heard that Shakespeare is holding their annual yard Tomorrow at State Fairgrounds in Columbia SC from 8am to 1 pm. Check with ID and Cash only. no Credit Cards. Sorry that I didn't have more of heads up for everyone. Should be a real Tackle Monkey frenzy down there.
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geesh !!!! How do we get some warning about these things!!! TOMORROW!!!! darn!
I sent Ms. Walker an e-mail requesting that they make an announcement on this board, next year. I never knew that they did such a thing until yesterday.

Patricia Walker
Consumer Services & Warranty
Shakespeare Fishing Tackle
800-334-9105 ext 3228

[email protected]
Good move!!
Great idea. Maybe we can all get together and make a convoy down there next year. Would be great to know about in the future.
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