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Sharon Harris Sunday???

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Hi All, I am fishing Harris in the morning. Should be ready to push off by 7am from the Holleman ramp. If anyone is interested in hooking up respond, PM, show up???

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How was it? Perch were on fire early yesterday then slowed about 9:30 for us. Got an air show from a middlin' bass that I remotely released and a few nice gills. It was a good morning in my book.
When I woke my back was not as happy as I would have liked. I have only had this kayak for a few weeks and have been out a bunch. My core needs a pile-o-work. Paddling is doing just that. And I do not want to overdue it. So I worked about the house some and stretched a bit. Feeling better now.

So, I will be going at sunrise tomorrow. Joy... I was going to head up to the bridge today. I want to expand my knowledge of the lake. But I think I will save that for another day.

I had a good morning but not a great morning. Just enough fish to keep me interested but nothing big. Started off with a white perch trolling. The way my rod rattled in the tube, you'd think it was a monster. Grab it and reel, it's a little perch. I've decided they're only good for one pull. If you miss it, you barely know you have a fish. Found a few nice bluegill at one point that saved the day. And after my go home alarm went off, I thought I could squeeze in one last spot on the paddle back. Saw a likely spot for a bass and pow, best bass of the day, a whopping 12".

Also had fun fun watching a bald eagle, osprey, herons, and a muskrat.
Sunrise came and I went.

There were plenty of boats scattered about. I mean all over. And a number of canoes and kayaks. I chatted briefly with a guy in a Hobi with Mirage drive. I need to get some pants and a baklava like this guy. I was cooking out there in shorts. And a pair of guys in a canoe. They were also putting out some catfish baits.

No bass today. I did run across some white perch. Just a couple of good sized. The rest were closer to bait. Speaking of bait. Are white perch considered game fish? I am thinking not seeing as they appear to have been added to the lake off the books. In Maine, if there are white perch, there should be bass about too. And it has been know to happen that people free line small white perch in search of big smallmouth bass.

Plenty of fish clouds out there. But I saw nothing around them.

"""Fixed. now white perch"""

White Perch have no limit and West of I95 you are even allowed to net them. You can use any fish you legally caught for bait, game fish or not.
I put in at Hollemans early this morning. Had to go further than usual to find the white perch breaking. Got off the water at 9:30 with enough fish for lunch. Lots of yaks on the water today. Didn't see or hear of any bass caught on that end of the lake.
I think near the dam is likely to have more activity until we get consistently cooler temps. Glad you harvested a few. I plan to; I got another stringer after my mishap. I dropped my metal stringer into the lake when I was going to start stringing fish and wondering aloud if that would jinx me. It did, though not in the way I expected. The fish bit like crazy after I dropped the stringer.

Targeting perch/panfish on UL gear at Harris and getting a nice surprise from the occasional bass has made for some highly successful trips. I recommend it to anyone that needs a confidence boost and table fare. :)
I love the light tackle. Here is a video from May this year. I was fishing from my 119. I added the foot pedals and it made for a much more enjoyable ride. Till the BigRig showed up ;-). Jordan was way up and I was throwing an 1/8 oz beetle spin. An almost 5lb LMB on 4lb test. It was my first attempt at filming with the camera. You can see my Tilly hat brim was in the way.

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I love the beetle spin; it is definitely an equal opportunity bait. I have been using one on Harris to target bluegills from time to time. I am kind of cheating on the light tackle now; I went high tech and my "UL" combo now has 8# Nanofil that casts as far as 4# mono. So if I see a wake intersecting my little bait I just smile and say "Bring it!"
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Andy- I thought of you when I was trying to connect the stringer to my boat and the clasp broke off :D That's OK because I found that paddling with even a small stringer of fish adds so much drag that I doubt I'll ever do it again.
Drag? You need a fish harness, reins and a whip...
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