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Had a narrow window the other day I could fish so I went on a strike mission to a place I've caught drum this time of year in the past. With time crunched my plan was to cast at a few spots that have produced along the way with a particular hole in mind. If said hole, or any of the spots along the way did not produce then turn it around and call it a nice paddle on a beautiful day. It didnt take long to get one on, but it was a flounder instead of the targeted drum. At almost 20"s it was my biggest of the season. Oh fat flattie, were were you beginning of September? Got to my last spot before turning around and quickly found out it was holding lower/mid slot drum. It wasnt every cast, but not far from it. I didnt count but caught about 8 or so before I had to leave. Something about leaving them biting always feels good. Caught all fish on 3" white Gulp Shrimp and pink Halo Shads and went in feeling like I got this fishing game mastered....until next time proves me otherwise馃槅

Note: I only have a short video of one a release of one of the drum and this forum doesnt allow me to upload it so only have the flounder pictured.


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Nice job, those days that make you feel like you got it figured out are awesome - but if you're me they'll crush that feeling on a subsequent trip lol. Congrats on a good trip!
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