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It's a spectacular day at the coast today (5/8). A brisk SW (finally!) breeze was pushing 2-4' swells with some whitecaps as we we headed out of Bogue Inlet to try and find some fish for dinner. We headed for AR342, about 3 miles offshore, in about 50' of water, to see what might be hanging around there. No birds, so we put the lines in the water for some blind trolling. There was one boat bottom fishing but it didn't look like they were doing much. Trolled back toward shore, heading just east of the BI pier. Turned west along a color line in the water, about a couple hundred yards beyond the pier, in about 15-20 feet of water. Water temp was about 68-69. Caught bunches of small blues (guess what's for dinner!?) but no Spanish. My wife Jan did a great job driving the boat while I cranked in fish (and even brought it back thru the Inlet!). Bird activity was almost nonexistent. As long as we stayed at the right depth along the color break we caught blues. It was a lot of fun! Wednesday 5/7, when I was at the Dudley's fuel dock, I talked to a guy who'd managed a few Spanish along with blues, but they don't seem to be in great numbers, just a few here and there...
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