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Beautiful weather we've had past couple days and looks like were getting a couple more so went out Sunday to take advantage. I went out around noon so the sun would be highest in the air and give better visibility and it matched up with "prime time" fishing with bass forecast app I use. Went back to a place where I've seen some biggens lurking around to test out the luck. I've tried multiple lures and presentation speeds by them in past month or so and wasn't getting much luck, even tapped them once or twice with line or lure going by them and they just casually swim off. I figure you don't get to be 5+ pounds by being dumb... haha

It was kind of the same story this time, I gave up on the largest ones I could see and went for one that was noticeably smaller but still a decent size. I was using a blue gill patterned lipless and noticed once or twice when it went by his face within a foot or so it would turn it's head and maybe swim towards it for a half a second so I thought we might finally have a chance. I was tossing about 10' or so past it not to spook and got "the perfect cast" finally to where the lipless went within about an inch or two of its mouth and sure enough.. BOOM! She ate it and the fight began. I had some brand new 12 pound fluoro on with a cranking rod and she put up a good one. Jumped twice I believe and tried to keep her as pinned as I could. Once she got near the bank she started swimming into where I know there's a downed limb at and I could feel line dragging across couple things which made me worry. Luckily I was able to pull her into a small cove are and get her in some shallow water but not out. I grabbed her lip but she gave a solid head shake and got out of my grip (also wasn't the best placement of treble hooks so was trying to avoid the horror stories I've heard about catching one in the hand off a head shake). I pulled up on the line a little more to keep tension and get her head a little higher out of water for a better grip and SNAP. Line broke a couple inches above the knot... All felt like it happened so fast but luckily I was able to grab the back of her so she didn't flee, got a hand full of lip and pulled her out. Got her up higher on the bank for a quick photo shoot and weigh and gave her the nice gentle release she deserved. Caught a couple other small ones but this one definitely made my day. I have never sight fished anything over ~2 pounds, can't recommend a solid pair of polarized glasses for visibility enough and a little bit of patience/persistence.

Tight Lines.


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