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I have always been impressed with the way Simms stands behind their products. I know they charge a premium for their stuff. I think almost all of it is made in the USA and that means something to me as I am sure it does many others. The latest example of their exceptional service really blew me away.

I had purchased a pair of waders maybe three years ago. Loved them but they developed a sudden and significant leak the last time I was out so I sent them back for evaluation. Simms warranty states they will repair waders for a small fee which I was more than happy to pay. When I got the email saying my waders were unrepairable I was sad but, in typical Simms fashion, they deemed the failure a defect and said they would be shipping a brand new pair of waders as a warranty replacement AT NO COST! Thank you very much, have a good day.

But wait, it gets more interesting. After about a week I get another email saying that inventory of the waders needed to replace mine is not expected until June. Well, that isn’t going to work so they initially offer me a credit for the current retail asking price of the wader model I had returned. This was all happening around Christmas and I had been lobbying Santa Claus for some new fishing gear. After a little back and forth with the Simms folks, I was able to significantly upgrade my waders at a net cost to Santa that is still unbelievable. Santa will be using her extra funds to significantly upgrade my fly fishing Arsenal in the near future!

I know now I will never buy another brand of wader and that I remain a Simms fanboy. Santa is pretty cool too.
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