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caught this dude about 8:30 tonight. so much fun on my basic panfish setup, a med-light 7-foot spinning rod with light line. thought i was screwed when he bum-rushed a group of lily pads and started flipping around like a squirrel stuck in a bird feeder, because obviously i can't do much of anything other than hope he responds to my coaxing, which he did, thankfully.

again, though, forgot to take the scale with me. this is the fourth bass in the four-plus neighborhood (he was 21 inches) that i've caught since buying the scale, and i've yet to actually use the scale for any of 'em. at this point, almost afraid to take it with me, because maybe that's a jinx or something. ha. now that i think about it, i had the scale with me for four hours at smith lake (the pay lake east of charlotte) and didn't get anything of note. left it in the car at night, caught a big one.

caught this one on a roboworm, a 4.5 incher, dark green with the chartreuse tip (which had already been bitten off). using a small g-lock hook (size 4, maybe), rigged weightless/weedless. maybe worth noting that twice, the chartreuse tip was bitten off on the first cast, but it didn't seem to make it less effective.

i've been trying those roboworms out lately. they always look so good in the stores, but i haven't really found an ideal way to use them bank fishing. don't like the action pegged to a weight, even a light 16th-ounce bullet weight. they look like they'd be awesome on drop-shot from a boat, though. tonight, was trying to see if i could get a big shellcracker to hit one (caught several decent ones on a tiny senko), so i was flipping it out around the shallow lily pads when he hit, basically working it like a slim senko. even though it worked this time, i still think there's gotta be a better way. maybe not. those of you who use the roboworm, you have any tips/tactics? i'm all ears.


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