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Pacifica. No tent needed.
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I've had several inflatable pontoons over the years and learned a little about them in that time.
The Skagit you're looking at will work out good for you. That particular brand I never owned but if you get it from a store that will back it up, go for it.
Watch the air pressure as it will change with elevation changes (no problem in Raleigh) and temperature changes. These aren't speed boats but are about the speed of a big row boat. You can put a small electric motor on them if need be. One huge edge you'll have over a kayak and canoe is that you rarely have to swap your rod for oars or the paddle as long as you have fins on. The fins allow you to keep range and position against wind and a mild current.
If you get it have fun. They open a lot of water.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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