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I got invited to fish a couple of farm ponds in eastern Wake county yesterday. At last I got my first LMB, crappie and blue gill. We started fishing at 8:30, and got good results almost from the first cast. The wind was light, but it seemed to me that they were more likely to bite when the surface was a bit "choppy". I started with a green Cajun spin, and had good bites. The black striped Cajun spin seemed to be less attractive.
One of my buddies still had his shad darter and spoon on the rod, an tried that. He out fished us all. He caught bass, crappie and brim on that double rig. He also landed two LMB at the same time (two-for). I tried two shad darts, and had good success; caught a crappie and a bass two-for. Slow and small worked for us. The colors seemed to be green and yellow. No records were broken, but we got a couple of nice slab crappies.
Now at last I see why LMB fishing has such a huge following. I had a couple of 11 inchers jump for me, had a successful sight cast and hook-up; and got lucky working the structure.
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