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Skunk x 10

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It's a little late , but I figure I'd post my results from my Thursday venture to some Park waters and according to my therapist, confessing my failures will help with my depression. I was going to start the day with some streamer action, but once I got there I decided to go with my go to for that area, a Sawyers Pheasant tail. It wasn't ten or so casts into this that my dropper gets hung, one good jerk and next thing, my rig turns into a bolo. Scratch one leader. I re- rig and take a deep breath and fish a nice calm stretch with some risers, nothing:eek: I switch to a non bead head and lengthen my tippet. Nothing. I rest the pool, return down stream and tie on a olive sculpin helmet pattern. I beat the banks and undercuts with this and fish the entire pool. Nada. Now I'm beginning to think that this pool has been vacuumed and is left barren, I get my answer while I'm fixing leader #2 that I have destroyed by wrapping it around the only branch in this 200 foot stretch of water. There was a mix of blue quills and some march browns come off shortly after noon and the water had probably 50 fish rising. I rig my furled leader, tie on a #16 Blue Quill parachute with a 5x tippet and I'm casting to risers. nope:( I lengthen my tippet to three feet and......nope. I had a beautiful brown, a butter colored specimen of maybe 14-15 inches rise about two feet from my right calf, in maybe a foot of water. He was so close, you could see the spots. He wasn't just sipping, he would come out of the water and porpoise a bug, I told him that now he was just mocking me. I did have fish hammer my flies, they just wouldn't take them down. I tried just about every method to strike, fast, slow, not striking, counting, setting sideways, it just wasn't to be. At 3:00 or so It started to drizzle and since I hadn't eaten breakfast after taking my Insulin, I was shaking like a dog pooping peach seeds. It was time to go. Stopped at Rivers Edge outfitters to pick op a leader loop to replace the one that had sheared off ( don't ask ) After shooting the breeze with my guide friend, I got a gyro, took a deep breath and hit the Tuck on my way home. Since the wild fish laughed at me, I'll catch some dumb DH fish just for funsies. I should of known it would get worse. The water was high, so I rigged for some depth. Tried a #16 bead head PT with a heavier # 14 Rainbow Warrior and tried my favorite stretch. Nothing:p I am sensing a pattern here. I wasn't there 30 minutes and I am noticing the rocks are dissapearing. Not only that, I am being followed and harassed by a pair of geese, I'm calling this. I barely make it across without swimming and the day keeps on giving. When I'm taking my Glock out of my Sticky Holster I carry in my wader front while fishing, some threads had come loose and had gotten wrapped around the slide release. I could not free it. I wound up having to cut the holster open to release my weapon. Thank goodness I wasn't charged by a rabid groundhog while fishing. ( they did have a homicide near Smokemont a few days before, so Don't call me paranoid). I did have a pleasant day with the new Scott rod. It casts a 4 wt WF like a blasted lazer guided smart bomb and and mending was a dream. I love it. Topped with it's new Lamson Liquid 1.5, it's light as a gnats breath.


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Sorry about your challenging day but it sure made me feel good to know that good fishermen have those kind of days too ;-)
Nice story, I think I've been there. Right now recovering from shoulder surgery on my right me, I'd take a skunkin to see the water.

You'll get next time.
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