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Hit Moss at daybreak. One word .---FOGGY. Couldn`t see 20 yds. I had a sat. photo, but never been there so I spent first couple hrs just keeping the bank on my side and tossing a worm at it. Looked like a pop-r day but no bites on either one. I didn`t take my finder or try to fish deep any. Lot of terns but they weren`t working anything. Didn`t see any surface action. I know theres fish in there but my first visit didn`t show it. Want to mention IT IS $ 10.00 TO LAUNCH. I don`t mind supporting a place but I think that`s a bit steep. After lunch in Shelby I went to the north end and found a very cool little side of the road put-in for all you yakkers out there. Long creek or buffalo creek. 15 min. easy paddle to Moss. Fish are not in there now but I know they will be in the spring. NO launch fee there.:) Upstream of the put in I found a very old rock dam. What was left anyway. It had crumbled in the middle and made a little waterfall. No paddling past that without a portage.
Doesn`t bother me that I didn`t catch anything. Especially this time of year but I learned some good info for spring.
Side note hothole on Mt. Island not very hot this weekend. Capt. Ron got a nice LMB sat so I thought I`d show some love and put on. the pic Tilly took.
Ron hung out with me FRI nite. Moss @ dawn Sat. Back in Moss 3:00 til dark. Home ,went to our monthly guys nite out. Out til 1:30. On MT. Island at 6:30 Sun morning. Safe to say the paddle moved a little water this weekend.:D
Super big THANKS to KAYAK BASS FISH for Moss info. When you can make it one day I`ll tour you down the creek---stu


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