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Took my good friend (he was the best man in my wedding many moons ago) and his grown son fishing today. We left at 6AM with a beautiful sunrise to greet us as we hit the waterway. The seas were calm and there was just a light breeze.

We headed out of Topsail Inlet and went straight for the first set of box cars (AR362) and put out our spread. Nada after an hour so we moved over to 9 mile rock, nothing. then we headed for the second set of boxcars but on the way we saw some bait busting near 18 mile rock so we stopped and trolled.

We got a short strike but at least it was a start. Then we got a shark. Okay better but still not what we were looking for. Then finally as I was letting the starboard long line out, just as I put the clicker on, I feel a tug on the line and off to the races it was. I handing the singing reel to my buddy. His son and I cleared the lines while he fought the fish. We landed what turned out to be our only king of the day.

We tried several other places, emery's, 3rd set of Box cars and even stopped at hotel ledge near the inlet on the way back in. No joy at any of those places. It was a slow catching day but we had a great time and enjoyed the nice weather, so no complaints here.

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