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we stayed in corolla! did some surfcasting up there with finger mullet shrimp and squid! NOTHING!!! current was bad both days in fished up there! couldnt hold bottom the first day with a 6 ounce sputnick!!!

there was a pond near the house so i fished there a few times! caught some decent bass. biggest was 2.14lbser.
lost a biggon that smashed a zaraspook! straight to the trees!!! saw my first gar! came up after the rapala subwalk!

fished jenettes peir 2 days! first day only caught skates! one of them bit me!!!!!
i catch a million of these in the summer back in massachusetts!
i was teaching the little kids and people who never seen the ocean before about skates!! they were excited!!!

2nd day at jenettes! i decided to try a new spot! so i drove down to little bridge in Manteo. couple people fishin!
one guy caught a big eel. another had some big hits! i had a couple of hits under the bridge on blood worms.
they were probably crabs! saw some bait fish jumping in a little tidal pond in the marsh!

hit the big brige boat ramp! nothing! so i stopped at a bait store! they said jenettes had some blow toads puppies,skate and a striper.

fished there until sundown, caught 4 skate and my first blow toad! i was very excite about the toad! my first blow toad ever!!!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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