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I explored a stretch of stream this morning that was gorgeous. Waterfalls, plenty of brookies, lower temps and the restful atmosphere of the woods made today a literal breath of fresh air. The scenery that surrounded me seemed almost too good to be true.

After reaching the head of the creek I ventured off to what is technically the same creek but many miles downstream. Found some small browns here.

Get out there. Too much too see and life is too short.

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Nice pics Wade. Used to trout fish some, it's been way too long. Ultralight spinning reels with Panther Martin inline spinners. Need to do it again sometime.
It can be arranged quicker than you think! I have my best results when the weather is colder and the fishermen fewer. I like to fish Delayed Harvest waters when there is a little ice hanging to the edge of the creek. If you want to hike for miles back into the wilderness I may not be able to help you out.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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