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Theres a pond that I pass on my way to and from work. Its a way off the road and you can actually only see it in the fall and winter. I always told myself, if the timing is ever right, i would get out there early one morning.
Well yesterday was the wifes baby shower, and I was the cook. I had to serve 25 ladies! The facility where i work has a full kitchen, and was closer to the location of the shower. AND....I could finally give this big place a try!
I get there 7am, and I see that its actually 2 smaller ponds split with and island and light treeline. All i saw were deer and other animal footprints. No trash, perfect water level, very nice place. First cast, wham! nice 2lb fish! Second cast, same thing. I proceeded to catch 13 fish in an hour and a half. Largest fish was only about 3lbs. I missed quite a few hookups, and lost a few while reeling in also. Interesting thing is that it was all on one rod, one lure.
Of course I was able to get outta there, cook for 25, drop off my food, mingle with the ladies and help with gifts. All in all, not a bad day.
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