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Smallies on the New

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Four of us had a pretty good day on the New on Sunday, prospecting for smallies. 2 yaks, 1 toon, and 1 canoe. Fishing was decent. Not as good as I've seen it....but good enough to keep our interests. Folks caught smallies on topwater and subsuface flies....and on plastics on the spinning rod. Two best fish ran about 14-15 inches. River level had come up a couple of inches due to rain on Saturday but was still plenty clear....and made for a little easier paddling for the 1 guy that was new to kayaking and reading the river.

We put in about 8:45 and weather was great until a heavy rain moved in about 1:30 and lasted about 45 min. Fortunately, two of us stopped and found a good shelter for the duration. The other two kept paddling thinking they could beat the such luck. After the rain, picked up several more on topwater bugs and on subsurface.
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Glad to hear you guys got on some fish!

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Good report, glad you got on some fish.

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