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Conditions looked good on the river and I got the "green light" from the family....we launched the canoes promptly at 9 under overcast skies. Water levels ok...about 1.9 on the Jefferson gauge. Water seemed to have colored up some from the previous day's shower.

Fishing was slooooow for the first 3 hours...topwater and only 2 red eyes... Then it kicked off at noon with 4 smallies on topwater in pretty quick succession....then the thunder and clouds rolled in. As the wind and rain picked up, we hunkered down next to a high bank in our rain gear. Fortunately it was next to a slighly deeper run that held about 5-6 fat and feisty smallies ....eager for some subsurface plastics. Fish were 12-16"

After the rain slowed but still had enoough topwater action to keep me tossing bugs the rest of the afternoon. Fortunately, the river did not start to muddy until late afternoon.
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