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Snell knot or ...........what?

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I'm wanting to make my own version of the Lupton Redfish Rig for reds and a modified version of the rig for big catfish. Since I tend to over analyze things :D, I'd like some opinions on the Snell knot.

It appears that the majority of folks feel the Snell is the best knot for circle hooks due to the angle of the pull placed on the hook. I understand this point of view, but what I'm worried about is strength. I've been tying the tried and true Palomar knot on just about everything since I saw how to do it on Hank Parker's show back in the late 80's. I can say that knot has never let me down. I've done the Google thing and have yet to find anyone opposed to using the Snell knot.

What do you think? Is the Snell knot strong enough for 40lbs plus class fish?
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Is it strong enough? Absolutely.
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All of my pre made rigs or hooks with upturned eyes get snelled. Strength is not an issue. If anything, I'd say its probably stronger than most knots seeing how its not really a knot but a series of wraps. Knots cause friction which is what weakens the knot.

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Snell is stronger. But you need to use hooks with a bent eye or snell eye less.
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Awesome, what I needed to hear.
Different versions of a snell too. I do the quick easy snell. You can snell a hook in 10 seconds.
Haven't broken one yet.
Check out, those hooks are almost foolproof.
Snelled Lupton rigs are bringing in some mighty big bull reds.
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