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So has anyone tried swimbaits yet?

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Just checking to see if anyone has tried any and what sizes? The bite is starting to come on out here in the west -

David Roberson
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I saw on an episode of In-fisherman they were using swimbaits for stripers in Tennessee. Not sure if anyone around here has thought of that.
Yeah - I watched that show - we use them out here - we troll with them and stick alot of fish - Has anyone tried them on largies or smallmouths? Remember the biger the better - I stuck 4 8lber, 2 7lbers, and a handfull of fives this week on 8" and 12" baits.
I'm thinking of trying it, my problem is getting able to go out fishing. I saw some I liked. Do you consider the soft plastic ones that have a swimming motion a swim bait also?
Hey Dave,
I was just talking to a friend of mine from California about fishing with swimbaits, yesterday. He tells that he's completely hooked on them and fishes wiyh nothing else. He has convinced me to try them and going to be sending me a couple of huddlestons and Castiacs to try here in NC . Also, he showed me interesting site about swimbaits. There's some real interesting video on this site. I'm anxious to givethem a try.
I do use some soft baits and most are considered swimbaits - Yeah -- some of us are really hooked on them - swimbait nation is a great site - but check under my profile for some cool video from last week of me sticking some fish on swimbaits. Or click below
Dave's California Big Bass | Home of Orso Swimbaits Co.
I've got a couple hundred 5"rainbow bodies. The heads should have already been painted but my supplier had to increase the hook size and got behind on his other work and I'm on hold so far. I also have a couple hundred smaller sizes in different colors.
Go bigger - you have to try bigger - it will blow your mind - I throw some huge baits
I just orderd some of the Matts Lures Bluegill swimbaits. Since they rest nose down on the bottom, I'm going to throw them to some bedding Bass.
I've had good luck with them for stripers, haven't tried them on bass though.
Oakview: Babysteps my man. One step at a time usually works better than a big leap. Not too many people around here will go out and by a rig to throw a 14" bait without working their way up. I have the equipment to throw a real 2lb trout but not many folks in these hills do. I didn't start off with 400 lures just for my own use. The same applies to the cost of the lures. I have the faith but I also know fishermen. With the heads on these will be 5 3/4" long and 1" thick so the 5" designaton is a little bit misleading. If nothing else works out the striper guys will buy them. All I need is a little time.
No I agree 100% - but if you go out and get followers or bit on a 6" - why not jump up to a 8" or so - I think there are some lakes on the east coast that an 8" will really kill them.

As for set ups - If you have a heavy jig rod - most smaller baits could be thrown on it. But for the bigger ones - why not use a salt water rod - 9 to 10ft in length - you can cast some of those baits a country mile - True everyone will be looking at you funny but if you are sticking fish...who cares...

I'm working on some baits for the east coast - 3", 5", 7" - all which could be throw on a jig rod -

But I understand - the cost of baits does add up - Sends some pics if you stick some east coast swimbait fish -

Good luck to you
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