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Even people with trailered boats for some reason put bottom paint on the hulls.
You leave that boat on the trailer for a couple of weeks and the paint goes dead as far as what it was formulated to do. The paint lives but won't live out of water.
Unless you go with a copper one that basically sheds in layers until it has to be replenished.

You aint gonna like my suggestion but even if you have it blasted you will still have to do something with the 10%.
Paint remover. I think I have one still at the shop I use. It's pretty thick. You brush it on, then you cover it with a material. When it drys you pull the material off along with the paint. I'll have to dig up a name for it.

The big part you aint gonna like. Taking the boat off the trailer and flipping it over because that would be 100 times the work doing it on your back.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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