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Solcum Creek

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Can somebody tell me what is a good lure to use and what is biting in the Solcum Creek around Havelock. Thanks
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Do like I do. Throw everything you got at em and pray!! LOL sorry, I'm not familiar with that area. Is it salt or fresh or brackish water??
It is brackish water. My wife has caught a flounder and small mouth it might have been a stripped but it was getting dark and I could not see well. I have yet to catch anything but I have had a few bites.
Bulldog, I have been fishing the Solcum Creek quite a bit lately and doing pretty well with a double bottom rig with shrimp.
Thanks I wil try that. What about artificial bait? What have you been catching?
Can't go wrong with a twisty tail grub or a beetle spin. All the new "Gulp" baits are great too.
I have been hearing alot about Gulp bait. I just might have to try it.
Depending on what part of Slocum Creek you are fishing the hot lures change. Pass the Staff Capehart bridge toward the mouth shrimp or squid are good along with live minnows. Lipless crankbaits will also work the closer you get to where Slocum and the Neuse join Gulp shrimp or shrimp period. Red Fish Magic and Stump Hugger spinning minnow. Beetle spins and regular spinner baits will work up Slocum toward the city. Left prong is good for crappie and bass.

Luremaker hit it on the head,, of course he's been fishing these waters for what 30 years or so Luremaker?? I will tell you that the crappie are hard to find for us new guys unless you catch them in the shallow back creeks during Feb. Bass are even more scarce. I've only started fishing the top side this year.. I've gotten some trout and reds up near the mouth using a Yuzuri Minnow, 4in model with silver sides and black back... just change up the retrieve until you find one that works.. Lure is also right on the divider line. Anything on the Nuese side of the Staff bridge is more likely to be salt water unless we've had some serious rain.
ran into a guy in November that caught 32 stripers right off of ordinance point during the last hour of daylight using a spook, and a Poplar, he said move it as fast as you could and they'd slam it...

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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