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caught this big'un on a white 3/8 ounce kvd spinnerbait with dual willow blades, on a tiny spot where there happened to be grass on a quick drop right next to the bank. hammered it. forgot i had my scale with me, so didn't weigh it, but did have my tape measure and it was 22i. my guess is five pounds, but it could have been north of that. always like to guess low, so i don't cheapen the weights of the truly big ones. only caught a couple others on the day, but all it takes is one pic-worthy fish to make the day memorable, eh?

stumbled upon this place, with two pay lakes, north(ish) of charlotte. solid bank access, for the most part. lots of big carp. i've caught a couple hand-sized bluegill, heard about the crappie and saw one guy with four nice-not-great shellcrackers in a bucket. might have to go back and see about catching a few of those. shellcrackers are the best on light tackle. i searched the archives here and haven't seen any mention of this place, so a little hesitant to throw it out there, but pm me and i'll share ...


1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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