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I've added a few new fly rods to the inventory: the brand new Clouser rods from Temple Fork and the relatively new Syndicate rods...

The Clouser was just introduced last week at the big industry show in Florida. It replaces the former Clouser in TFO's lineup. The new Clousers are a dark blue with bronze accents in the wraps and a bronze graphic of a Clouser Minnow fly on the butt section. The 9' 5 sells for $199. I haven't cast these (5wt and 8wt) yet...but the prototype at the Winson show last Feb was quite a nice performing rod.

Sorta at the other end of the spectrum are the Syndicate 10 and 11' 2 and 3 wt rods. These have been very popular with guys who are Czech nymphing etc. and competition nymphing...both on small streams and on large bodies of water like the S. Holston. These retail at $299 and $329. An additional plus...since these rods are longer...a standard reel usually balances them nicely in the hand and there's not a need to find a lighter reel as is often the case on 2 and 3 wt rods. And, since they are typically used with much longer leaders and very little line out the tip guide...several folks are finding it is not necessary to purchase a lighter line....
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