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Some photos from my TI Trip

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Almost Slick calm today....Beautiful day a... few fish and good people = Nice Day :)


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I think the topsail piers should be on by next weekend. Kure is firing up right now with a lot of blues and Spanish just like oceancrest got half a week before they started decking kings. Cool pictures.
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U R probably right...
Did you seen any menhaden schools?
Negative....lots and I mean lots of glass minnows....and a massive school of red minnows....
Alright. Reports that a menhaden ball came through the surf full of blues at seaview. Doesn't matter too much anyways. If the glass minnows are around then the blues are and that's enough bait for the kings. I don't think there have been that many Haden around ocp either but they are up to 11 kings and 2 cobia in 5 days
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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