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well gents. sorry i havent posted in awhile. busy with the frank and frans tourney, the striper tourney, and fishing trip with the boys from the fire dept.
for my report. drum in the inlets and waterways. caught them on mud minnows. had a blast because it was my first time. boys thought i was crazy letting 23" and more slide back into the water. told them i wanted the big ones not the babies. we all know big drum are better. as for blues. havent had a good year with them, they have left me standing in awe because im havent gotten a big one. and stripers still leave me guessing. i was standing next to people yanking them in, and i cant get one... will have to work on it. mean while i have gotten outside the slot finally...:) took me awhile but i did it. still have along way to go.
for you of shore people, i recommend CUSTOM SOUND CHARTERS, outta oregon inlet with capt. rick,,,, no lie that man is a hoot. we caught so many sea bass, and tile fish. i will go again as soon as i can pay for it. this man is wild and dale his mate is the man. hats off to him.... until later on tight lines friends
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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