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SOT Kayak Rigging 101

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Someone had asked a while back for pictures of a rigged boat. And I finally got around to getting some of mine. Many of these ideas can be used for any SOT. Now I do not work for a kayak shop, so most of my rigging ideas are my own or borrowed from others. I have successfully (meaning it actually worked and the kayak still floated) rigged 8 of my own. And over time I found things that work best for me, or that I prefer to do differently that I did in the past. So due to constraints of attachments, I will do this is a couple of threads and add to them if needed.

Also, I do have another kayak and canoe at home that need to be rigged, so once I get around to those projects I will post photos as I go through the actual process.

First, kayaks today are better rigged from the factory that in years past. There are plenty of "angler" versions of the most popular boats, but some of us just like to do it ourselves. Secondly, there are improved prodcuts out there from when I rigged my first boat...again manufacturers listened to the consumer. But you will have your own personal preferences not only for rigging but also for manufacturer.

So to start, here are some basics:

1) Since this will be for fishing, you will need a good place to store your rods. The two most popular rod holders are Scotty and RAM. I use the Scotty, although I have tried the RAM. Scotty has several mounting systems, two are flush mount and one is raised.

2) Tackle I am a big fan of using a file or milk crate in the tankwell of the SOT. Older SOT did not have tankwells, some like the Tarpon 160 from WS had an after market insert that would convert the storage hatch to a tank well. On one of my older boats, I used to just bungy the crate on top of the hatch. Over the years I have become a minimalist. I now carry 1/10th of the amount of tackle out on a trip. Everything I carry will fit into a small tupperware container. But in my milk crate I will have the tupperware container with tackle, my dry bag, my anchor, my drift shute, a rain jacket and a small cooler. I have retro fitted the milk crate to hold three rods, a safety light, a drink and used (been in saltwater) lures.

3) Paddle holder. The paddle is the engine, you have to take it with you (unless you have a peddle boat or trolling motor). But it gets in the way if you can not stow it flush to the boat. There are several different styles of paddle holders/clips on the market. And now most kayaks come with some sort of bungy system integrated into the kayak that can hold the paddle. I prefer this kind. The old clips would break and the exposed holders catch your line when a fish goes around your boat.

4) Other accessories, there are many other things that you can do to a kayak to add any and all fishing accessories that you may need. But for a day of fishing on the water, you only need to make sure you have the kayak, your paddle, safety gear, tackle and rods. In the next threads I will focus on some of the items you need for rigging. But here are some pictures of my current Tarpon 140.
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For whatever reason, these forums time you out. Which means I was unable to post the pictures onto the first post. And when you go back to edit, you cannot add attachments.

So these are the pictures of my current kayak, rigged and set up, in the garage.


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You sure got that thing rigged up. Cant wait to get one, but it will a while, but nice kayak.
And when you go back to edit, you cannot add attachments.
You can add pictures in edit mode but it requires one extra step. Once you click on edit, click on the "Go Advanced" button and that will display all the options you normally see on when making the original post including the "attach files" section.

Sorry you had trouble but hope this helps next time. :)
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No trouble, I just hate taking up the space with additional post. I type pretty fast but sometimes my long winded post time me out for some reason. Especially when I am trying to add pictures because to find them also. Thanks for the info!
Nice looking rig, I believe I would like the SOT version instead of the being couped up one. I could just flip out and in easier .

tight line s<*)))))>{
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