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South Toe River May 3rd

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Managed the first trout trip in over a year a couple weeks back. Fished the South Toe River from the first bridge below Lower Creek to about 1/8 mile above the mouth of Upper Creek. Bluebird day and hungry fish. 2 browns on a large Adams dry, the rest on a grhe, #16. Landed around 20, with about the same amount lost. 2 Browns, 4 Brooks (seemed to me to be natives?), and 16 rainbows. The biggest about 10". Most in the 4-6" range. All in all a wonderful day, except for the inevitable leg cramps I always get after a hard day of wading. Ouch!!!!
Hope everybody is doing well! :)


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Sorry about the upside down picture! :)
Nice! I can't wait to chase trout with the long rod when the rivers return to a manageable flow. I got those cramps too a while back from wading in really cold water for smallies.

If you'll upload your pics to the site there is a rotate option to fix pics.

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Thank you- been trying to figure out how to do that. Much appreciated! :)
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Thank you- been trying to figure out how to do that. Much appreciated! :)
If you can't figure it out let me know. I'll help all I can.
Tom! Working an average of 55 hours a week for a couple years now. Has really cut in to mountain trout and smallies. I've caught up with your antics on here every couple months or so. Hope you and yours are doing well. :)
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