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southern falls lake area

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Was looking at how to get to the southern end to fish. All i see are the Barton launch or Rocky on my map, is that all ? Since coming from Durham, i will use Upper Barton if it's deceint. Thanks for any info...
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Upper Barton is it, and it is decent - open 24 hours and I think the best ramps on the lake (subject to change when Rangergreg & co get done at Rollingview!). Lots of great points, coves and creek arms from there down to the Dam. Best area for bigger boats. Not a bad run down 98 from where you are.

Next closest is the Hwy 50 launch - state park ramps, access controlled (closed overnight, fees required in the warm months).

Not sure what "Rocky" is. I think the first creek upstream from the Hwy 98 bridge may be Rock Creek. It has a ramp accessible from the B.W. Wells camping area, but only available for camper use.

Ledge Rock is in the middle section of the lake, also 24-hr WRC ramp, but 10 miles upstream from Upper Barton. Its on the shallow side back there, especially when the water is down. Should at least be open again with all the water that came into the lake recently.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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