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SUNDAY 10-1-06
Can you believe it!!! October is already here. And this month means great fishing along the Southport, NC beaches, and today was no exception.
We left South Harbour Marina with Willie Spivey and his son Alex, along with Brandon King, James McNeill, Alvin Chriscoe, and Gene Turner from Asheboro, NC.
We decided since the King Mackeral bite had been so hot the day before that we would just go out and load up on those and then go bottom fishing. Let's see, isin't there some kind of saying about counting chicken before the eggs hatch or something like that,well, it should pertain to fish eggs. Every one was finding that the King bite from the day before had vanished. There were some being caught but pale in comparison to Saturday.
We started at the Shark Hole, the bite there was slow, I did see one boat hook up with a fish, don't know what it was, it pulled the hooks before they could ever see it. There was very little bait there. Left there and went to the 18 mile rock, same scenerio, 22 mile rock, same thing. I decided to head to the Gary Ennis, on the way out, we decided since the King fishing was so slow we would try bottom fishing.
First stop the Vermillion Snappers were biting like bulldogs. The guys were pulling in 2 to 4 pounders as fast as they could get to the bottom. Next thing we knew, we started getting only the heads in. Sharks and 'Cudas moved in and took over, And just as I would have done, the Snappers left!!! We moved to several more places only to find the bottom fishing to be slow also. I went to place to place in my search and marked plenty of fish but they were reluctant to bite.
We decided to call it and head in. As I was cruising back towards the Cape Fear, I told Willie I got one more place I want to check. I haven't fished it in a couple of years, it has always been my "Ace in the hole" so to speak. I altered course about 30 degrees and set out for my "hot spot".
Upon arriving, The fish were there, now will they bite, or be like the other spots. It has been a good while since I got my fishermen into Black Bass that were biting like these were. Two at a time as fast as you could drop and crank them up!!! It was no time until we had a five person limit of Bass in the boat and these were the big ones. There is no telling how many smaller ones we threw back. Not only that, the guys pulled two nice Flounder off the spot and limited out on Atlantic Sharp Nose Sharks at the same time.
I must say, I tryuly thought that today was going to be one of those days that I was going to be ashamed to report on as far as the catching is concerned, but again, perserverance and the drive to not give up paid off once again.
Oh yeah, Alex, who is 8 years old, well, I won't tell you put right about all the big fish and big sharks he caught, but, I would like too tell him to be sure he doesn't spend all those guys money at one place. He did so good, I even paid him also because I was on the boat!!!!
Willie, It has been a while. Seeing you again brought back memories of the old Striper fishing days on Badin Lake. Thinking back makes me realize how fast time on this earth is slipping by. Hope to see all of you again soon!! Hope everyone had 1/2 as much fun as we did!!! Check out pic's on my site!! Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt Butch and "Private Bodie" the fish dog says, don't forget the dog treats!!! YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS, Southport,NC (910)845-2004. YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS
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