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Hit SW Park today with Steve. Day dawned clear, and the bite was on early. Pop rs and cranks were the menu of the morning, and they did not disappoint. I got a nice five pounder on a pop r, and Steve had two threes on a sexy shad fat free shad fingerling model. I caught two nice ones on a similar bait as he was throwing, the ff guppy, then scored on a C rig speed craw with a fat two pounder.
The bite was sporadic, but good. Caught five on a hump, including my biggest, a seven pounder. All on c rigs.
We wound up with 16 fish total, several over two pounds.
Funny thing was, there is a certain hump I like to fish with a c rig, but two boats beat the snot out of it most of the morning. Grey Fish Tints and shades Road surface Asphalt

Steve said there was no use to fish it, it'd had been beat to death. I got my way, and Steve says we may get a buck bass if we are lucky. My first cast was mashed by the seven pounder, and I proceeded to put three more around three in the boat and Steve finally got a four pounder on the zoom lizard. Mine came on speed craws in green pumpkin.
Very good day, no pic on the biggest because of human error:mad: but did get one of the other good one.
Crankbait 4
Pop r 2
T rig 2
C rig 8

C rig baits were Zoom speed craw in gp, and Zoom lizard in gp
T rig were black culprit worms
Cranks were ff shad guppy and fingerling, sexy shad color
Pop r was perch pattern

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I saw the angry face icon next to your post and thought you had a bad day when I clicked on the link. Camera issues or not that should have been a smiley face for sure! I wanted to get out yesterday and take my Dad fishing but it didn't work out. Great job on the big fish.
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