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Hi Folks…most of you know me as a trout/flounder/red drum fisherman—but with these horrible summer temps and the ultra high humidity I have been doing something that keeps me moving with a little wind in my face. Using pretty traditional trolling techniques — the same things I would do out of Morehead City or Ocracoke Island — I have been hunting for Spanish and Blues. And connecting!

I have concentrated on the area between the newly refreshed Bath artificial reef and the phosphate plant. When fishing the reef I have been making big figure 8’s around the reef markers, picking the diagonals to move between. This reef was refurbished about 1 month ago—you can google it for exact location. If you were familiar with the old reef you should know that this one seems to be twice as big. You can actually see the reef structures as big humps on your depth finder.

I have made two 3-4 hour trips, and caught over 25 fish. Spanish were just legal size at around 13-14 inches. The blues were about the same length but fat—nice thick pan size fillets. This is nothing to get a veteran fisherman’s heart pounding, but if one were to take a couple kids out there they would have a big time.

All you need are some 1 and 2 ounce trolling weights, medium weight rods and reels, and some 00 and 01 size Clark spoons, swivels, and some stout lines to string it all together. You can use your big heavy conventional rod and reel set ups, but for this size fish its really overkill (unless you just want to hear your clicker go off!). Motor about 2-3 miles an hour for the blues, and about 5-7 for the Spanish. Have fun!

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