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Saturday, I had an offshore trip scheduled with Jeff, David and Christopher from Utah. Mother nature had other plans as an approaching cold front had the weather forecast far from being an offshore day. None the less, these guys wanted to go catch a fish so off we went. We stuck our nose out the inlet and to my surprise, it was fishable close to shore. It wasn't great, but fishable. We put lines in just outside the inlet and made our way to the Liberty ship just a couple of miles off the inlet. Not much was happening, but I noticed the birds starting to gather together and I knew that meant fish.

As I got closer, Spanish Mackerel were everywhere. We changed tactics real quick and switched over to the light spinning tackle and started casting spoons. I made one cast to show the guys how to fish for these fish and immediately hooked up. After catching Spanish for about an hour, the guys decided they want to go back to trying to catch a big fish, so we put the trolling gear back out. We had a couple of knock downs, but no hookups. All in all, we made the best out of a bad situation and they went home with a nice mess of fish. Sorry, I didn't get any pictures of the catch.

Today, I had the pleasure of fishing with Warren and his son Jake. Warren is an old friend and hunting buddy that I haven't seen in about 20 years. It was great to have him and Jake aboard to share a day on the water and catch up on old times.

We went down to the flats this morning in hopes of putting Jake on his first Redfish. I started out in a spot that has consistently held fish and I wasn't disappointed. I didn't take long before Warren hooked a fish and handed the rod to Jake. It was a nice slot sized fish about 4lbs and I think that Jake was surprised at how hard they pulled.

After taking a few photos and releasing the fish, we got back at it. Just a few cast later, Jake hooked up with a really nice Red. This was a bruiser that really showed Jake just how hard these Redfish can fight in shallow water. Jake reeled and reeled and the fish just kept on running. I made pursuit with the trolling motor to try and help him out a little. Finally, Jake brought the fish to the net, and 8.5lb Redfish. Congratulations Jake!!!!

We ended up catching 4 Redfish today. All the fish were either nice slot sized fish and one over slot fish. All the fish were caught on bucktail skimmer jigs tipped with crab flavored "FishBites". One was caught on a live shrimp under a popping cork.
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