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Is this a Spotted Sunfish? It was about 10" caught in lake wheeler on a nightcrawler. Even thought he has 10" he was really thick.


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Pumpkinfish... They can lighten or darken depending on cover and spawn..
I just always thought Pumpkins had more red or orange in them. Hum
Looks like a shellcracker to me.
I thought it was a Shellcracker as well. I think the Pumpkinseed has a little more color as mentioned by bankandsurf.
I think it's a Redear Sunfish (aka: Shellcracker). Here's a couple photos from our Fish Facts section - you be the judge. The first of the two is the pumpkinseed.


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Definitely looks like a Shellcracker to me.
almost looks like a shellcraker had a fling with a black crappie doesnt it?
Is Lake Wheeler the one that has the high toxic levels?:eek: Mutant!
I agree that it is a redear/shellcracker. Definitely not a pumpkin. In the pics that Mike sent, notice the head of both, how the Pumpkinseed has more of a curved slope and lower set eyes and the redear's eyes are higher up on a more pointed head with the red lining around the gill. Fish don't have ears, but it does look like one.
The only thing is there is no red in the ear. That is why I was confused as to what it was unless it is some type of Hybrid.
It's some kinda bream and you can eat it!! nuff said..LOL!!!! j/k
Looks like a shellcracker to me. We might better call in a biologist, just to be sure:D
That's a pretty tough one at first glance and I'm still not 100% sure but I'd have to call it a shellcracker. (not that I recall seing one exactlly like it) Another name for shellcracker is red ear sunfish and the pumpkinseed also has an orange/red ear. Both can be found without that trade mark. The pumpkinseed has blue lines on its cheeks which I don't see either. It looks like a dark version of a shellcracker without the red ear to me. It is definately not a red breast or longear sunfish and definately not a green sunfish.
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