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Spinning reel adapter

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Just wondering if anyone out there has any experience with a product called the "Breakaway Canon". It is an adapter that fits on your rod with an open face spinning reel. It holds the line and is suppose to really enhance your casting distance.

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Like anything else I have heard people say they liked them and some say that they didn't find much use for them. If you are throwing 6oz sinkers and larger with bait and having problems controlling the release on hard throws then by all means consider using them. Also as you get older your skin gets thinnner and your fingers won't hold as much pressure. I hear that they are well made and work well if you need them. From what I hear the average Joe will get along just fine without them. From everything I have read about Nick he won't put a product on the market unless it is quality and of use to the long distance fisherman. You just have to realize that these products were designed as part of a system to help anglers who need to reach way out there and 80% of the time you are better off placing your casts in deeper holes in the surf or just beyond. Good casting technique is plenty good for this and pendulum casts are unnecessary. Nick's products, while well designed and and effective are for fishing times and places where you need to get way out. If you fish between 10 am and 4pm regularly then you should consider his whole line of products and see what you might need. Early and late when I like to fish, the fish are usually in so close that most folks over throw them. Of course there are always exceptions and you should be prepared for them also if you want to maximize your catch. If I seem negative don't get me wrong. I just don't agree with trying to sell something to someone by encouraging them to believe they NEED IT when in fact they don't. IF spanish and false albacore are your targets or you do alot of fishing for old drum, cobia or tarpon from the beach you need to be able to cast a long ways but you don't need high end equipment to do it. distance = practice with decent tools and a little help from someone who knows how to acheive the distance. When I was 18 yrs old I took a DAIWA GS-9 AND AN 11' ROD W/20 LB ANDE AND CAST A MEASURED 191 YDS WITH A 4 OZ SINKER . THAT WAS IN 1978 WITH COMMON OFF THE SHELF GEAR. THERE WAS A SLIGHT CROSSWIND WHICH BELIEVE IT OR NOT IS FAVORABLE TO A LONG CAST. I HAVE CONVENTIONAL GEAR THAT WAS MADE ABOUT THE SAME TIME THAT I CAN GET FURTHER OUT IF NEED BE. THAT SHOULD BE ALL THE PROOF YOU NEED THAT IT ALL COMES DOWN TO TECHNIQUE. WITHOUT THE TECHNIQUE YOU DON'T NEED TO SPEND A FORTUNE IN EQUIPMENT. ONCE YOU GET TO THE 200 YD. MARK WITH JUST A SINKER AND YOUR NORMAL SURF GEAR THEN YOU MIGHT WANT TO INVEST IN THE "DISTANCE GEAR" BUT UNTIL THEN A 5% GAIN WON'T MEAN VERY MUCH. USALLY MOST OF THE FISH ARE GOING TO BE WITHIN 30 YDS ANYWAY IF YOU ARE FISHING FOR SPOTS FLOUNDER POMPANO TROUT WHITING AND PUPPY DRUM EARLY AND LATE IN THE DAY. THE SAME HOLDS TRUE FOR NIGHT FISHING. AL
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Wow sinker man. Thanks for an abundance of information! A friend told me about the breakaway canon and was pretty excited about trying one. I had envisioned :rolleyes: myself using one during those times when that old drum slew is just out of reach. I agree, sometimes it is difficult to lose the "long cast" mentality, thinking the further the cast the bigger the fish.:) It may also remind us that the size of a man's tacklebox is not necessarily what makes the fisherman!

Anyway, thanks so much for your insightful response.

If you need it to hold the line for throwing big sinkers and bait it will take the pressure off your finger and you won't have to tighten up your drag but most folks don't have a spinning rod that is stout enough to really heave 8oz sinkers and bait and this is where you start to want a little help. The system is kinda slow to put in operation but that is not a big deal for bait fishing. If you have a true spinning heaver then you might want it to save your finger but unless you are having trouble holding the heavy mono shock leader save your money for gas etc. and just fish more. That way you stand a better chance of being there at the right time and you are learning something new about every day on the water anyway. The point at Hatteras is always crowded with guys that have a fortune invested in equipment that they haven't learned to use yet and most of them would be far better off with something a little less difficult to use.
sinker man---A lot of good advice and I totally agree with you. My all time favorite fishing was using a 6 ft cast net with a 50 ft line in the surf ( in my younger days ). This is hunting and fishing combined. What this taught me is that you will be surprised at what you can see in the crest of a breaker or right around your feet in the surf. In one of your previous post you pretty well summed it up. KEEP YOUR PEEPERS OPEN ! A main key to effective surf fishing and most of the time more important than distance casting.
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